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Protecting and Preserving the Integrity and use of  Edmund K. Parker Sr.’s  Intellectual Properties.


Kam IV, Inc. is owned and operated by members of the Ed Parker Sr. family. Our greatest desire is that we can continue to share Ed Parker Sr.’s Intellectual Properties while upholding the integrity and reputation of our father’s legacy. We are unified in our commitment to perpetuate and share his life and work. We have been involved in the family business since 1959 and witnessed first-hand the many accomplishments of our father.

Our main goal is to maintain the integrity of all Ed Parker Sr.’s Intellectual Properties. In the hope of providing an opportunity to all those who desire use of the ED PARKER SR. KENPO KARATE system curriculum and Ed Parker Sr.’s intellectual property, we have set up a process for clubs, schools and associations.

It has been brought to our attention that certain associations, schools, clubs and individuals have been using the Parker name, the ED PARKER SR. KENPO KARATE system curriculum and other intellectual property without requesting or obtaining the proper authorization.

Therefore, KAM IV Inc. has chosen to take the appropriate measures to ensure that the reputation, integrity and good will of the ED PARKER SR.™ IP be protected. Thus, the Ed Parker Sr. IP Worldwide Enforcement Program was established through Greenberg Traurig, LLP in order to safeguard the property of KAM IV Inc.

Only licensed vendors in good standing will be allowed to produce items bearing or utilizing the Ed Parker Sr. IP. Moreover, unauthorized individuals and companies are asked to cease the manufacturing and sale of goods and the use of teaching materials, titles, images and logos utilizing the Ed Parker Sr. name until they have received rightful authorization through Kam IV Inc.


Intellectual Property Licensing

We are the sole owner of all Edmund K. Parker Sr.'s Intellectual Properties. KAM IV Inc. is the only authorized Licensor of use of Edmund K. Parker Sr's Intellectual Properties.

Any use of Edmund K. Parker Sr.'s Intellectual Properties is strictly prohibited! Any use of any Edmund K. Parker Sr.'s Intellectual Properties must be granted by written legal authorization from KAM IV Inc..


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